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 AP Exam Monday May 11, 2020 @ 8:00 am

Monday 8/26: Continue Ch. 1/ Data Review 2013 AP Baseline Test

Tuesday 8/27:  Ch. 2A Intro. to Chem./ **Finger Fitness Lab due by 11:59pm on www.turnitin.com **

Wednesday 8/28:   Scientific Method & Graphing Review/ **Bozeman: Beginner's Guide to Graphing Data via the search bar**/ **SHS Open House 6:00 pm**

Thursday 8/29:  Ch. 2B/ **Bozeman AP Bio Supplemental:  Water is a Polar Molecule**

Friday 8/30:  Cont. Ch. 2B/ **Read Ch. 2 & Take Notes**